Scholarship Programme PROMOS 2022 at Heidelberg University Germany

Closing date: December 2021 and 30. April 2022

Student type: Domestic and International students are eligible for this scholarship program.

Level of study: All levels of study

Study area: Any

Scholarship value: Monthly scholarship of € 350 (country-dependent up to € 550), country-dependent transportation subsidy, subsidy of course fees for language and subject-related courses (non-recurrent € 500.-)

Description: The PROMOS programme supports study abroad stays by funds provided by the German Academic
Exchange Service (DAAD). All Heidelberg University students are eligible to apply (with exception of exchange and short-term-non-degree students).

Eligibility: Must meet the selection criteria of DAAD (, including: above average grade reports, fully registered student of Heidelberg University.

How to apply:  apply online 

More info: